What is the spirit? The spirit is you!

The spirit is the purest and highest part of your being, your divinity. It is the essence that chose to come here to live the human experience and in the process learn through it. The plan is to recognize that you are more than this body, so that your divinity/spirit can mate with the avatar and integrate heaven with earth. In other words, allow the connection of the divine with the human.

Maria del Pilar Lombana


What is the Soul?

It is a fractal of your essence that has a direct connection with your spirit. It is the one that makes the connection between the body of light and the dense body of 3D. It is the part that stores all the information of your existence. It is the one that knows your unconsciousness and your consciousness. It is the one that accompanies you in this experience called life.




During this process she discovered that the healing came from within; that it was important to heal the heart and mind to have a balanced life and physical well-being. 


Many years of searching passed, and during that time she trained as a healer and teacher of Reiki and Zen healing.
She learned past life regression techniques from Sandee Mac a shaman in Arizona and years later strengthened that knowledge with Dr. Brian Weiss and Dr. Jose Luis Cabouli. 

Throughout her career she has taken different courses such as aromatherapy in Ithaca NY and Codes of Light with Kai and Ornai – Quantum Holoforms from Mexico. She immersed herself in understanding ancestral knowledge and participated in the Moon Dance with Abuela Malinali in Mexico and completed her engagement as a Moon dancer with Tana Metztli in Colombia. She advanced her knowledge of healing with crystals at Curandera de un nuevo Tiempo with Tana Metztli in Colombia. In 2021, she took courses with Dr. Adíela Abril in Psychogenealogy and Oracles with Laura Mocada Tarotist for more than 20 years.

She graduated in 2021 with an associate degree in human services at Mohawk Valley Community College to further strengthen her knowledge and understanding of the different forms of perception and behavior of human beings.


Pilar Lombana is the founder of Acanea, a connection to the Soul. Acanea means, awareness of the existence of the soul and becoming responsible of your life path, "I recognize myself and I allow my true self to be."

She was born in Popayán, Colombia and is the youngest of 7 siblings. From a young age Maria del Pilar had a great compassion for people who suffered from ailments and sadness in their lives. For that reason, she was determined to find the solutions for physical ailments and especially those of the heart.

In her search she visited different churches, temples, and sanctuaries to find the answers to a deep healing of the mind, body, and soul. Through this search she found her calling with the ancient method of energy healing called Reiki. Also, she discovered the benefits of the discipline of meditation and found how healing was the sacred connection with Mother Earth taught by the indigenous. Their ancestral medicines are based on the close connection with nature and a deep respect for her.

Who is María del Pilar Lombana?

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