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A Holistic approach to life challenges


A HOLISTIC APPROACH TO LIFE'S CHALLENGES - The purpose of Acanea is to promote well-being by facilitating the process of personal transformation and the acknowledgement of the soul to discover the divine that dwells in each of us. This coaching process aims to help individuals recognize and connect with their true selves by opening channels between the mind, heart, and soul. The coaching method used in Acanea is the integration of knowledge and experiences acquired by Pilar Lombana through many years of work on a personal level.



Our Story

Acanea is a life project that was born as a result of Pilar’s personal experiences in self transformation and consciousness, through deep self-observation and the recognition of the “I am”, The Divine Connection within (Soul/Spirit).

The different holistic approaches used prompted her connection with the heart, mind and soul that led to the liberation of many emotional oppressions. Feeling lighter from emotional burdens and mental strains allowed her to experience a spiritual development that led her to live a more harmonious and subtle way of living. This process facilitated the discovery/recognition of skills and qualities that are now employed as part of the mission at Acanea. 


By understanding that we are the designers of our own fate, it is our responsibility to transform our destiny into a more harmonious and balanced life. Leaving behind the paradigm of victim and victimizer, we overcome our limitations and empower ourselves to become the sovereign of our own existence. Therefore, we are not responsible for the happiness of others, but of our own.

When we take responsibility of our lives, we are able to bring bliss to our family, community, planet, and universe.


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